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my name is cass and i live in idaho
i own 13 birds but i accidentally said i own 14 so now im stuck with it
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dont touch that dial now


Burqin County - Kanas Fairy Bay (by ジェイリー)

Taken on September 20, 2013


MALACHITE (Copper Carbonate). This is a fist sized piece of botryoidal malachite.

whispers grommy is the best nerd go follow em ok. ok good


ophasuperior replied to your post: what

bl2 outlast crossover


im sad bc the obsidian i have is rly low quality and small and filled with a bunch of holes



SiO2::MgO, Fe3O4  -  4.DA.05 (Strunz)

(from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile and Snowflake Variety from Arizona, USA)

Obsidian is not a mineral, but a volcanic glass formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic lava. The variety “snowflake” is charcaterized by crystals of cristobalite, a polymorph of quartz. In prehistoric, obsidian was used to make weapons and spearheads. Presents pleochroism (black and grey)

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